Youth Tunnel Vision Tee

$10.00 $28.00


The Flagship for a new series of designs to come, Tunnel Vision received it's Beta last winter as a custom ski t-shirt design for Revelstoke Powder Rentals in Revelstoke, BC where it hit the podium as a top seller to the masses.  

There is something peacefully humbling about the mountain experience. The way all sense of burden is washed away and you must surrender yourself to the elements. A sort of tunnel vision develops, honing your focus, beckoning you to bleed excitement and skill from every pore on your cold, sore, broken canvas.

  •  Tourquoise on 100% navy blue cotton
  •  White on 100% royal blue cotton
  • Moss on 100% kelly green cotton
  • Single soft hand front print on a discharged base for a soft feel
  • Custom collar tag

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