Zoltán Glokker

Just 22 years old, Zoltán Glokker, a competitive downhill mountain biker from Pécs, Hungary has been riding for only 5 years but has already been shaking up the circuit in Hungary with some impressive results.  

In 2014, at the Hungarian National Championships he placed 3rd in the (hardtail cat) and 5th in the Hungarian National Cup in Hosszuheteny (open full cat) and stood tall on the podium with a 1st place finish at the Orfu Downhill (hardtail cat).  

2015 he topped the podium with a first place finish at the Szasvar Pokla Downhill in Szasvar (hardtail cat) and 5th in Komló at the Komló Downhill (full cat).  Last year, he bested Komló with a podium, 3rd place finish (full cat) and repeated this finish at the Treba Dowhill UCI C3 in Trebevic, Sarajevó (open full cat). He also placed 2nd at the Donji Miholjac Pumptrack Challenge.

This year Zoltán has given it, full send, with a 2nd place finish at a whipp session in eplény and is keeping his eye on the Hungarian National Championships, The Treba Downhill and some Austrian and Slovenien pumptrack and downhill races.

You can follow him on Instagram @glokky94