How it All Started

There I was, in Revelstoke, BC skiing with my childhood buddy, owner of Revelstoke Powder Rentals and co founding member of our teenage years ski club, "the extreme team ".  It was nearing the end of the day, our legs were spent and he turned to us and said "Well boys, how about a 5620?" A phrase that reflected a single run of the full vertical of Revelstoke Mountain, 5620 feet ! A courageous achievement for even the most experienced rider.  Riding up the gondola I found myself gazing downhill at the cable line. In the blur of the cable and gondola bodies, there it was......... 5620!  Well, that was the birth of my first Revy inspired T-shirt and the birth of Mad Yeti Design. That day, that moment, that last run, I knew I would return home a changed man.

If there's two things I've learned in life, they are that 1) "someday "is a disease that will take your dreams to the grave with you and 2) that the timing is never right.  So I thought, what really symbolizes alpine adventure and snow covered peaks more than the Yeti?

Mad? He's not angry folks, just 'Mad' in a crazy, brain-sick kind of way! Aren't we all a little 'Mad' in our desire for adventure? For me, skiing is just that, and thus began my creative liberation, my opportunity to release my Mad Yeti.  

Let me help you release yours!

Landon West

Mad Founder \nnn/