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Macguire Webster February 29 2016 54 Comments


Macguire Webster. That name alone, is podium deserving! 

Macguire was quite fortunate this past summer to grab some time training on Whister-Blackcomb's Glacier Camp with FSO. That opportunity also landed him on FSO's Training Camp Promo Material (see below).

Despite a later start this season, Macguire’s passion for freestyle skiing remains strong.

He is officially getting upside down now and has received certification of his flip.

He is one spirited and very fun guy and while not having podiumed yet this season, Macguire is doing great.  He's happy and he's progressing.  

Macguire competed at Camp Fortune in Gatineau last weekend for the Timber Tour and Provincials this past week in Caledon. Here is the link to a recent short edit Macguire provided us and below you can check out an awesome grab of Macquire crushing one of my all time favorite old school air, the 'Cossack or Kosak'

















Calgary, AB Superpipe Camp February 04 2016 20 Comments

The first week of January 2016 saw one of our riders, Becca Ballantyne hopping on a flight with her coach and another team mate,  to Alberta, Canada's, Olympic Park in Calgary.  

Snow Park Technologies were brought in to cut the Superpipe for a private access camp and several big-name Halfpipe riders,Shawn White, Louie Vito, Katie Tsuyuki and Mercedes Nicholl came in to ride the flawless 22ft Behemoth.  With a dual airbag setup on a quarter pipe, there were opportunities for some of the best to learn some new skills.  

While the Simple Snowboarding team battled a very warm and wet weekend at home, we were battling the -21 degree temperatures during some of the night sessions. With Shawn working on his Cab double 1440's and the Skiers throwing all sorts of double variations, it was a very progressive environment and a huge week of progress for  Becca.  Becca's coach, Sam Marcotte, had never seen a pipe that perfect outside of a major event finals day. Even Shawn White Tweeted that he hadn't ridden in a pipe that perfect in a long time!  

Becca  finished off the week by competing in the Alberta Series Halfpipe event with her team mate Kiran finishing in 6th, and Becca stepping up on to the podium with a very impressive  3rd place finish!  

Now back in Ontario, it's been back to regular training with Simple Snowboarding...getting ready for the Billabong Flaunt It, and then on to Provincials at the end of February (February 28th to be exact...which is Becca's Birthday!)