When Mother Nature Doesn't Cooperate January 03 2016

Well, as far as winters are concerned, Ontario as a rule, generally sees winter riders making their ways to the hills as early as late November, but on average, about a month before publishing this article.  This season has proven far the contrary, with our riders seeing competitions, either being pushed out further in the season, or simply cancelled altogether. 

So what are the options for training?  I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the Mad Yeti snowsport riders, Ryan Kangas, who just returned from a 2 week training session in Colorado with his team, Icarus Shreducation.  

Ryan trained from Nov 29-Dec 12, 2015, mainly in Breckenridge, CO, making a day trip to Keystone as well. The conditions were epic with mostly bluebird days and a bit of overcast.  Ryan told me that the training and conditions were so ideal that he took only one day off to rest because he wanted to take full advantage of the time he was out there.  Personally, I'm curious if there may also have been a contributing, lurking, pit-of-the-stomach kind of worry about the conditions he would be returning to here in Ontario.

At the end of last season Ryan had learned backside 540's. In Colorado he revisited that trick and now he is able to land it consistently.  He worked hard on rail tricks as well with his coach giving him valuable pointers on how to perfect his old and new tricks. 

Pre-season training in Colorado is important to Ryan because it helps him get strong on his board after being off it throughout the off-season.  Ryan reports feeling stronger after training at higher altitude as well.  

Throughout most of Ontario, this early season was troubled by a lack of natural snow and unseasonably, warm temperatures that could not accommodate snow making.

Ryan tells me he found snow at Dagmar, Blue Mountain and Horseshoe Valley. These locations had hike parks set up. Ryan tells me that this time allowed him to hone the front side board slide. That was very exciting for Ryan because it will open the doors to many new tricks.  When he got to Horseshoe he learned nose press front side 180 out.

This weekend he is heading to Mount Saint Louis Moonstone to begin his full training. MSLM reports their "Junkyard" to be fully open and sports a 30' jump as well. 

We wish Ryan a safe season, full of personal bests and most of all, a LOT of fun!  See you on the slopes!



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