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Behind The Lens-Growing up Vertical in Montana February 09 2018 1 Comment

author: Robert Hawthorne

Follow him on IG:  @roberthawthornephotography

Robert Hawthorne bring us this real and raw story of growing up in the Bozeman, Montana backcountry and his aspirations to do something bigger, something that would bring him closer than ever before, to the sport and the landscape he has grown a part of.

MAD Gets RED in Red River, New Mexico December 19 2016 2 Comments

We at Mad Yeti are stoked for the people of Red River.  We applaud their heritage, their way of life, traditions, strong sense of family and an idealistic sense.  Red River is an amazing small town and a premier, mountain getaway, vacation destination.  We are super stoked about a new relationship between one of Red's premier Indie Mountain Boutique, The Hideaway Shoppe, for those seeking boho mountain magic!

Mad Yeti, Red River, NM

The Hideaway Shoppe, Red River, New Mexico

Red River, New Mexico8750’ above sea level in the Southern Rockies of New Mexico is a small town, first known as  ‘River City’, but best known as Red River.  Red River is more than a town. It is a destination, rich in heritage. Originally roamed by the Ute and Jicarilla Apaches, it wasn’t until explorers, prospectors, fur trappers discovered the area before Red River was put on the map. Hundreds of gold, silver and copper mines were carved into the mountain with names like Golden Treasure, Silver King and Black Copper. Red River's population soared. There were two general mercantiles, a livery stable, two newspapers, a sawmill, blacksmith shop, barber shop, more than a dozen saloons, several hotels and boarding houses, a dance hall and a hospital. There was also a red light district with plenty of gambling and bar room brawls.

Old Mining Town, Red River, NMOnce prospecting and mining had seen it’s end, the town gained new momentum by renting abandoned mining cabins to flatland visitors seeking refuge from the heat. In the late 1920s and early 1930s, Red River was designated the "mountain playground" that it is today. 

Red River, NM Fishing, outdoorsNestled in the Southern Rockies, at 8750 feet above sea level, Red River is the utopic, mountain adventure getaway and the epitome of what MAD Yeti Design is all about.  With a population of just 470 people, Red River definitely boasts small town hospitality. Summer recreation in Red includes some amazing hiking, fishing, rafting camping, OHV and Jeep, hunting, mountain biking and horseback riding.


In the winter, Red River is a welcoming ski town with an average snowfall of 188”. Skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, tubing, snowmobiling,  cross country skiing, torchlight parades, fireworks  and more.  Red is steeped in history, the attitude is laid back, people are friendly and, best of all, Red River chairlifts are a short walk from Main Street.  

When it comes to shopping, wouldn’t you love to find a shop unlike any you’ve ever seen? Well in Red, you're in luck:  Proud owners have put their unique stamp on stores throughout Red River’s Main Street. Besides ski shops with everything you’ll need to hit the slopes, Red River’s shops feature unique apparel, fine art, gorgeous jewelry, souvenirs, specialty items – whatever you're looking for, Red River has it.

Red River is a warm and friendly escape, with plenty of local lodging, where you will always feel like part of their family.  Just north of Taos, New Mexico, you should really make this your next outdoor vacation getaway.


When Mother Nature Doesn't Cooperate January 03 2016

Well, as far as winters are concerned, Ontario as a rule, generally sees winter riders making their ways to the hills as early as late November, but on average, about a month before publishing this article.  This season has proven far the contrary, with our riders seeing competitions, either being pushed out further in the season, or simply cancelled altogether. 

So what are the options for training?  I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the Mad Yeti snowsport riders, Ryan Kangas, who just returned from a 2 week training session in Colorado with his team, Icarus Shreducation.  

Ryan trained from Nov 29-Dec 12, 2015, mainly in Breckenridge, CO, making a day trip to Keystone as well. The conditions were epic with mostly bluebird days and a bit of overcast.  Ryan told me that the training and conditions were so ideal that he took only one day off to rest because he wanted to take full advantage of the time he was out there.  Personally, I'm curious if there may also have been a contributing, lurking, pit-of-the-stomach kind of worry about the conditions he would be returning to here in Ontario.

At the end of last season Ryan had learned backside 540's. In Colorado he revisited that trick and now he is able to land it consistently.  He worked hard on rail tricks as well with his coach giving him valuable pointers on how to perfect his old and new tricks. 

Pre-season training in Colorado is important to Ryan because it helps him get strong on his board after being off it throughout the off-season.  Ryan reports feeling stronger after training at higher altitude as well.  

Throughout most of Ontario, this early season was troubled by a lack of natural snow and unseasonably, warm temperatures that could not accommodate snow making.

Ryan tells me he found snow at Dagmar, Blue Mountain and Horseshoe Valley. These locations had hike parks set up. Ryan tells me that this time allowed him to hone the front side board slide. That was very exciting for Ryan because it will open the doors to many new tricks.  When he got to Horseshoe he learned nose press front side 180 out.

This weekend he is heading to Mount Saint Louis Moonstone to begin his full training. MSLM reports their "Junkyard" to be fully open and sports a 30' jump as well. 

We wish Ryan a safe season, full of personal bests and most of all, a LOT of fun!  See you on the slopes!



MAD founder \nnn/


The Lawn Dart November 28 2014


We've started a pinterest page at http://www.pinterest.com/madyetidesign/ and have a new board titled

"The Lawn Dart" A compilation of classic spills and bails. Pin up your photos for a good laugh or email them to us at info@madyeti.ca

We have also created a new playlist for our youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3xWj02uDsOdFA3b1wl7RRg/feed
which will feature a compilation of classic spills and bails so email your videos to us at info@madyeti.ca

Doesn't the saying go...."If you don't wipe out, you're not trying hard enough", or something like that.

Greetings From the Loading Area ! November 01 2014

Happy Birthday Mad Yeti Design !

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for checking out our official web site and tell you a little bit about what Mad Yeti Design.

We are a T shirt and apparel company with a keen interest in unique graphics that embody the alpine and snow-sport lifestyle.

This love for sliding on the snow started when I was about 12 years old.  My dad took my 2 brothers, my sister and myself to Devil's Elbow, near Peterborough, Ontario CANADA. This was our first kick at the can, and although we did not grow up in the breathtaking foothills of the Canadian Rockies, the 90m vertical seemed monolithic !

We were all instantly hooked.  So much that my entire high school career, sun or snow, was either spent skiing or training to be back skiing the next season. We even started our own ski club "The Extreme Team".

There is something peacefully humbling about the mountain experience.  The way all sense of burden is washed away and you must surrender yourself to the elements. A sort of tunnel vision develops, honing your focus, beckoning you to bleed excitement and skill from every pore on your cold, sore, broken canvas.

Me.......I just can't get enough !

Mad Owner \nnn/