Mad Yeti Design

Mad Yeti Design is a Canadian founded, mountain inspired, lifestyle apparel brand, designed with the adventurer in mind.

We don’t aspire to the idea of an article of clothing defining a person. Rather we choose to highlight the individuality of the mountain experience by bonding like-minded adventurers, each with their own story.  We all aspire to varying degrees of adventure. Some may even lead the chase, on pursuit of the ceiling of their own capabilities. 

Some say the Yeti represents the quest to find the irretrievable. Mad Yeti Design is the embodiment of that curiosity. That inner fire in all of us that desires to be stoked. 

Whether you bike or hike, ski or board, glide or climb. Whenever vertical meets gravity, Mad Yeti is that badge of your amazing self.

So go ahead………Stoke Your Adventure™!